A.P.E.X. (Advanced Prototype EXploration)


A.P.E.X. (film)

Created by

Nicholas Sinclair

Primary Function

Temporal exploration

Secondary Function

Temporal sanitation/warfare

Weapon Systems

Anti-Tank Rockets

Gyrojet Cannons

A.P.E.X. (Advanced Prototype EXploration Units) is a series of robotic probes from the 1994 sci-fi film of the same name. The A.P.E.X. program was created in the year 2073 by a group of scientists led by Nicholas Sinclair, who sent their creations back in time to 1973 on a mission of exploration. The temporal displacement, however, caused one of the robots to malfunction and come into contact with people. Other robotic units were dispatched to eliminate the time paradox and Sinclair himself attempts to go to 1973 to oversee the sterilisation. However, he arrives in an alternate timeline where humanity is being both ravaged by a plague caused by the temporal displacement and is losing a war against a constant stream of killer robots being sent from Sinclair's original timeline.

A.P.E.X. Robot DesignEdit

APEX sterilisation units are humanoid in appearance. Their bodies are covered in an armoured carapace which is resistant to standard weaponry. Their heads appear to be wide and angular, sporting a single horizontal optic visor. They are armed with gyrojet cannons on their right arms that can blow up human targets and they can launch mini anti-tank rockets from their shoulders.