Aerialbots by RobbyS
The Aerialbots are a sub-group of Transformers that appear in various G1-based continuities. Their exact origins have varied between continuities but in each of them they become the first of the Autobots' own Combiner teams. The Aerialbots were formed as the Autobots' means of countering the Decepticons' air supremacy and are designed for aerial combat, transforming into various Earth jets.


G1 cartoon

In the two-part Transformers episode "The Key to Vector Sigma", Megatron created a new combiner team known as the Stunticons in order to counter the Autobots' domination of the ground. To make the Stunticons effective soldiers, Megatron took them to Cybertron and stole the Key to Vector Sigma from Alpha Trion, using it to reactivate the ancient megacomputer and imbue the Stunticons with their own sparks. The Autobots had followed the Decepticons back to their homeworld and after a close encounter with a horde of Centurion droids, they reached Vector Sigma only to find that Megatron had been and gone, taking the Key to Vector Sigma back to Earth. However, Alpha Trion used his own spark to reactivate Vector Sigma, merging with it and allowing Optimus Prime to plea with the computer. After the Autobots reconfigured a series of ancient Cybertronian shuttles into Transformer bodies, Vector Sigma blessed the new robots with sparks and thus the Aerialbots were created. The Aerialbots followed Optimus back to Earth where they defeated the Stunticons in battle and destroyed the Key to Vector Sigma before Megatron used it to terraform Earth and make it a new Cybertron.

Marvel Comics

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