The Aero-Cannon is a small, hovering Badnik created by Dr. Eggman. Its form appears to be a large gun, but with a dome-shaped head and a pair of small, dangling legs. Essentially a hovering turret, the Aero-Cannon remains stationary and fires energy shots at any targets that enter its range.

Game appearances Edit

Sonic Unleashed Edit

Aero-Cannons appear during the Daytime stages of Sonic Unleashed. They remain floating in the air in one spot, firing energy shots at Sonic when he enters their range. When firing, the recoil of the Aero-Cannon's gun will cause it to lurch backwards in the air. Sonic can easily destroy these enemies with a Homing Attack.

Sonic Generations Edit

Appearing in both acts of Rooftop Run, Aero-Cannons behave in the same manner as they did in Unleashed, floating in the air and firing shots at Sonic when he is in range. The projectiles they fire are slow, however, and easy to dodge.