Anton is a type of Badnik created by Dr. Eggman modelled after an ant. Considered to be an upgraded version of the Moto Bug, the Anton is a land-based Badnik that travels back and forth along the ground. Its insectoid body is blue with large eyes on its head, two yellow antennae, two exhaust pipes on its thorax and it runs on a single yellow wheel. It has appeared in several forms of Sonic the Hedgehog media, most notably the video games Sonic CD and Sonic Lost World.

Game appearances Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog CD Edit

In its debut appearance, the Anton can be found patrolling the Palmtree Panic Zone. Its behaviour is identical to that of the Moto Bug: it moves back and forth on whatever section of ground it's on and performs no other offensive or defensive actions. In the Bad Future version of Palmtree Panic, Anton, like all Badniks in the Bad Future, appears damaged and moves at a slower pace.

Sonic Lost World Edit


Antons make there long-awaited return in 2013's Sonic Lost World as enemies in the Desert Ruins stage. Typically found in groups of three or four, they move in single-file across terrain. They appear to once again make no other actions, that is until attacked. If Sonic tries his standard Homing Attack on an Anton, it will use its arms to grab and hold him, then after a few seconds it will self-destruct. Sonic can only defeat an Anton properly by using his Flying Kick, sending it flying and destroying it to release the animal inside it.

Sonic Mania Edit

Antons make a cameo appearance in Sonic Mania's Flying Battery Zone. While they don't appear as enemies, they can be found broken down in scrap heaps along with various other wrecked Badniks.

Other appearances Edit

Sonic the Comic Edit

Anton STC

Antons make only a single appearance in the UK-published Sonic the Comic in the Sonic's World story, "The Seven Badniks". In this story, they more closely resemble Moto Bugs that stand upright. In this story, the Badnik Army Repair Functionaries (B.A.R.F.) are tasked by Dr. Robotnik to migrate several Badniks from the Miracle Planet to the Green Hill Zone on Mobius as part of a plan to catch Sonic and his allies off-guard. When the migration is carried out, the Antons and other Palmtree Panic Badniks start attacking the older, outdated Green Hill Badniks and quickly take over the zone. However, Cam and Bert rescue some of the Green Hill Badniks and modify them using various parts taken from their fallen brethren. These Seven Badniks are then sent back to Green Hill where they make short work of the rampaging Palmtree Panic Badniks.