The Arachbot is a large spider-like Badnik that appears in the fifth issue of Sonic the Comic. Appearing in the Sonic story Lost in the Labyrinth Zone, the Arachbot abducts Miles "Tails" Prower and takes him down into the subterranean Labyrinth Zone, intent on turning the fox into a Badnik. Sonic the Hedgehog chases after the Arachbot and its Aquis henchbots, avoiding the Labyrinth Zone's traps as he goes. Sonic catches up and saves Tails, and fights off Arachbot by taking the Badnik exo-skeleton intended for Tails and releasing its oil into the water filling the Labyrinth. As Arachbot wades through the oily water, Sonic activates a flamethrower on the Badnik suit to ignite the oil. The flames envelope and destroy Arachbot.