Artificial Chaos


Sonic the Hedgehog


Prof. Gerald Robotnik


Project: Shadow

Black Arms



Artificial Chaos are synthetic life-forms created by Prof. Gerald Robotnik aboard the Space Colony ARK. They appear in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Artificial Chaos were designed following the data Prof. Gerald had (somehow) procured on the mystical liquid creature known as Chaos. They appear as mechanical heads with green eyes, attached to an amorphous mass of fluid. The symbol for Project: Shadow is emblazoned on the creature's head. These robots can alter the shape of their liquid bodies, usually appearing as free-floating orbs or pillars stuck to a surface. They can form whip-like tentacles to lash or pierce enemies and can even immerse their heads inside their bodies to defend themselves. The fluidic body can repel all attacks, only the head can be damaged. They can also fire lasers from their eyes or split their bodies into multiple fragments that will swarm and engulf intruders, then self-destruct. Apparently GUN were unable to control the Artificial Chaos and sealed them inside the ARK when they shut down the station. They became active when Shadow the Hedgehog reactivated the colony in Sonic Adventure 2 and were commandeered by the Black Arms in Shadow the Hedgehog.