Astro Boy, or Astro (or Atom in his native Japan), is the robotic protagonist of Osamu Tezuka's manga of the same name, and its numerous adaptations, created by Doctor Tenma. In 2007, he was named Japan's envoy for overseas safety, and is a noted inspiration for Mega Man.

Astro is designed to resemble and effectively fill the place of Dr. Tenma's deceased son, Tobio Tenma (Astor Boynton III in the original manga's initial translation), killed in a car accident. The 2003 anime depicted Tobio as having run away, and the 2009 CGI film portrayed Tobio as being vapourised in the Peacekeeper's initial weapon test. When Tenma realised that Astro would never be able to grow up and that he could never act truly as a human, he rejected the little robot, selling him to Hamegg's robot circus. Astro would later be rescued by the kindly Professor Ochanomizu, who later provided him with a family in the form of a sister, Uran, a brother, Jetto, and a mother and father. These origins and stories have differed in each adaptation, though the original premise of Tenma building a robotic replacement for his son has remained a constant.

Astro is incredibly well-equipped for any situation. He has a strength of 100,000 and later 1,000,000 horsepower, a kind heart and the ability to feel emotions. As well as a built-in geiger counter and shortwave communication system, he is multilingual and can fly thanks to the jets in his distinctive boots. He also possesses headlights in his eyes, analytical skills, supersensitive hearing and the ability to tell whether someone is good or evil, which is known as his Omega Factor in the Game Boy Advance video game adaptation. In terms of weapons, Astro possesses laser cannons in both arms, machine guns concealed within his backside, and the 2003 adaptation equipped him with a 'digi-beam', a small, but powerful beam of focused energy he can fire from a single finger.

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