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Transformers Generation One

Astrotrain is a Decepticon soldier, strategist and troop carrier. As a Triple Changer, he has three different forms: his standard robot mode, a locomotive train and a space shuttle. He can interchange between each of these forms near instantaneously, which can greatly confuse his foes. Sowing confusion is Astrotrain's specialty, as well as his favourite hobby. Confronting Autobots in enclosed, low-visibility areas allows him to severely perplex the enemy with his swift transformations, making them wonder if they're fighting one Decepticon or more. He loves combat but does not get to participate as often as he'd like as he usually consumes all his fuel just getting his comrades to the battlefield.


  • Triple Changer - Astrotrain has three forms: robot, train and space shuttle. His locomotive form can travel on or off rails with a top speed of 400 mph. His shuttle mode can achieve orbit under his own power with a top speed of 20,000 mph. If he carries an additional fuel supply, he can break orbit and travel through space at 50,000 mph.
  • Capacity - As a troop transport, Astrotrain can carry several Decepticons in either vehicle mode. While travelling in space in shuttle form, he can deploy satellite and weapon platforms from his hold.
  • Ion Displacement Rifle - Astrotrain's primary weapon in robot mode, capable of breaking down the molecular bonds in metal alloys.


In the 1984 Transformers cartoon, Astrotrain's size never seems to stay the same. In his robot mode he is shown to be above the average Transformer size, but not to a great extent, so it doesn't seem physically possible for him to carry as many Decepticons as he does in either vehicle mode. He has also shown to be capable of transforming from one vehicle to another whilst carrying passengers without causing any harm to them or himself.