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Autons are humanoid plastic androids from the British sci-fi television series Doctor Who. They made their first appearance in the Third Doctor story Spearhead From Space and were the first aliens to appear in colour on the show.


The Autons are created entirely from plastic and given life and function by the gestalt alien consciousness known as the Nestene, which is capable of possessing and controlling any and all forms of plastic. The Autons are the humanoid minions of the Nestene's will; they look very much like shop window mannequins (many of them actually were before the Nestene possessed them), having smooth, blank features. They will perform any tasks the Nestene Consciousness requires of them, including attacking and killing people. The Nestene can also create more sophisticated Autons that more accurately resemble human beings, possessing independent intelligence and capable of speech. These copies are used to infiltrate positions of power within the societies the Nestene intends to conquer but can only be maintained if the individual who is being copied is kept alive.

Four times, the Nestene has invaded Earth, sending its Auton servants to lower the planet's defenses and establish a connection between the alien intelligence and all plastic forms worldwide, the most recent invasion seeing the Autons, disguised as Roman soldiers, in an uneasy alliance with the Daleks, Cybermen, and several other aliens to seal the Doctor inside the Pandorica. The Nestenes thrive in industrial conditions, feeding on pollutants and toxins harmful to Earth's environment, and have attempted to wipe out humanity so that they may produce and consume more pollution and waste to sustain themselves. Each of their invasions has been thwarted by the rogue Time Lord known as The Doctor.

Auton AbilitiesEdit

  • Weapon Resistance - Autons are immune to bullets and other solid objects. Extreme heat will cause them to melt, however.
  • Shapeshifting - Autons are capable of limited shapeshifting, able to alter their arms into blades and other objects.
  • Handguns - Autons typically have guns concealed within their hands. When attacking someone, an Auton's hand may pop open and reveal a gun barrel. These guns can shoot hardened plastic bullets or even energy pulses that can vaporize a human at full power.
  • Independent Limbs - If an Auton's limbs are severed, they can still recieve signals from the Nestene Consciousness and move according to its will.