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B2 super battle droid


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Baktoid Combat Automata


Wrist-mounted repeating blaster

Wrist-mounted rockets



Rise of the Empire


Trade Federation

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Confederacy of Independent Systems

The B2 super battle droid is an enhanced version of the B1 droid with superior armour and firepower. They were often found in the use of the Trade Federation and Techno Union and later the CIS. They first appeared in Star Wars - Episode II: Attack Of The Clones during the Battle of Geonosis, the first battle of The Clone Wars.

The B2's were bulkier and slower than the B1's, but stronger and capable of fighting in more extreme conditions. Unlike the B1's, the B2's never required an uplink to a droid control ship, though a steady command signal often proved useful since the droids would often forget about their targets if they went out of visual range. The robot's procesing unit was housed within its torso, making it less vulnerable to stray fire. They had modular arms and could interchange between weapons. Their arsenal included wrist-mounted blasters, rocket launchers and grenade launchers.