Blaster is the Autobots' communications expert, capable of monitoring radio transmissions and intercepting Decepticon communications. As a Mini-Cassette commander, he is the Autobots' answer to Soundwave and carries four Autobot cassettes within his torso.


Blaster likes to turn it up loud. That goes for the way he does everything: fighting, talking, playing - living! If Blaster is involved, he makes his presence known. He is in the forefront of any situation. But aside from the things he normally does in the course of being an Autobot, he has a special passion: Rock 'n' Roll. His ability to monitor radio transmissions has exposed him to many Earthen musical styles, all of which he finds interesting. But it is rock music - good, hard and loud - that really sparks his circuits. He'd much rather be lost in the sound of a searing guitar solo than fight Decepticons. However, when called upon he will do what he must for the Autobot cause, albeit reluctantly at times. As Blaster likes to point out, "I hate changing channels in mid-song."


  • Alternate Mode - Blaster transforms into an AM/FM stereo cassette deck and shrinks himself down to the appropriate size when he changes.
  • Radio Transmissions - Blaster can recieve and broadcast radio signals on all frequencies. He can also detect signals with power outputs as weak as a millionth of a watt.
  • EMP Pistol - Blaster's electro-scrambler gun fires powerful electromagnetic pulses that will disable any but the most heavily shielded electrical device.
  • Sonic Disruptors - The amplifiers in Blaster's legs can emit powerful sonic waves that can crack the earth beneath his enemies.