Blizzard Man (DWN-041) is one of the eight Robot Masters introduced in Mega Man 6. He was originally created to monitor the weather in the Antarctic, but later his meteorological equipment was exchanged for a machine able to produce artificial snow using the humidity in the air, which he can use to attack enemies by creating ice crystals in his Blizzard Attack. He can also attack by rolling at enemies. Blizzard Man likes skiing and has won three gold medals consecutively in the robot Olympics.

In the First Annual Robot Tournament, he was reprogrammed by Mr. X to help him conquer the world, but was defeated by Mega Man. After the events of Mega Man 6, he found work as a weather forecaster.


  • Blizzard Attack - Blizzard Man produces artificial snow using the humidity in the air, raining down razor-sharp ice crystals upon his enemies. Mega Man can copy this ability.
  • Rolling Attack - Blizzard Man curls into a ball and rolls at high speed toward his foe. He is invulnerable whilst performing this move.


  • Fire Blast - Naturally, being an ice-based robot, Blizzard Man is vulnerable to fire.