Blurr is the fastest of all the Autobots, perhaps even the fastest of all Transformers. Before the Great War, Blurr was Cybertron's number one racing champion. As the Decepticons began their campaign of terror across the planet, both they and the Autobots tried to recruit Blurr, but he refused to join either group. It was only after the races were shut down and Blurr lost one of his friends in a firefight that he made his decision to side with the Autobots and protect Cybertron from the Decepticons' rampage. With his incredible speed, Blurr is able to get in and out of enemy territory almost undetected, making him invaluable as a scout. The war has had a humbling effect on him; once he was arrogant and self-centred, but has since become a loyal and eager soldier. He has been known to panic in certain situations and often speaks at an accelerated rate, which some Autobots find difficult to understand.


  • Alternate Mode - Blurr transforms into a sleek Cybertronian hover-racer.
  • Super Speed - While Blurr can run at tremendous speed in robot mode, his vehicle mode is capable of breaking the sound barrier.
  • Electrolaser Rifle - Fires a beam that reverses the polarity of other robots' microcircuitry, paralyzing them.