DLN-006 Bomb Man is a Robot Master from the first Mega Man game. Originally, he was created by Dr. Thomas Light for construction and mining projects, working in tandem with fellow Robot Master Guts Man. However, Bomb Man and the others were stolen from Light's lab and reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to commit crimes and aid the doctor with his evil schemes. Though apparently destroyed by Mega Man in the first game, Bomb Man is revived in the Mega Man comics and manga series and sometimes helps Mega Man in his battles. He is generally a fun-loving guy with a somewhat childish, immature personality. He has been known to be a bit reckless with his explosives on occasion.

Weapon: Hyper Bomb - Bomb Man normally uses these bombs for blasting passageways in mine shafts or demolishing condemned buildings. They also make for a devastating weapon which can blow all enemies to smithereens. Mega Man is able to copy this weapon and use it himself.

Weakness: Fire Storm - Flames can burn through the Hyper Bombs' fuses or simply overheat the volatile substances inside the bomb's casing, causing them to explode prematurely.