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Individual members of the Borg Collective are known as drones. When a person is assimilated, their DNA is rewritten by the nanoprobes invading their bloodstream. The probes will form implants within the body that will enhance the strength and performance of various parts of a subject's anatomy, and create implants in the victim's brain that will link the subject's mind to the Borg's hive consciousness, bending them to the Collective's will. All drones constantly hear the cacophany of voices of the countless minds that make up the hive-mind, erasing any sense of individuality. When assimilation is complete, the new drone is given a designation and is put to work. Depending on the physiology and knowledge of the assimilatee, the drone will be modified for specific functions within the Collective.

Drone Implants and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Strength - All Borg drones possess strength and stamina superior to their original physiologies.
  • Body Armour - All Borg are covered with exo-plating for protection, though tactical drones wear additional layers of armour.
  • Optic Sensors - Drones have their visual cortexes enhanced upon assimilation, though many also have special eyepieces implanted designed for specific purposes. Most drones have laser-scopes grafted to their heads to analyze targets.
  • Prosthetic Limbs - Many drones have their natural limbs amputated and replaced with mechanical servo-armatures. Depending on the intended function of the drone, these armatures will carry various combinations of tools. For example, medical drones with have laser-scalpels and nanosutures equipped with their prosthetics.
  • Assimilation Tubules - Every drone is equipped with injection tubules in order to assimilate new victims. They are capable of penetrating most alloys and energy fields and will release nanoprobe swarms into the victim's bloodstream via the neck.
  • Body Shields - All Borg drones carry micro-shield emitters in their armour that can adapt to any type of energy-based weapon. As soon as an enemy weapon is discharged against a drone, the Collective will analyze the properties of said weapon and all drones will have their body shields adjusted to absorb that weapon's impact. Weapons that can be set to randomizing power settings will have an extended effect against the Borg's shielding and allow for more shots, but it is only a matter of time before the Borg can adapt and become totally immune to a weapon. Borg can also bypass alien forcefields as if they weren't there, making it difficult for anyone to contain boarding parties.
  • Disruptor/Plasma Weaponry - Not all Borg carry ranged weaponry, but on rare occasions drones have been witnessed using arm-mounted disruptors and phasers in battle.


  • In the various Star Trek shows, all Borg drones have been shown to be humanoid. However, some novels have depicted non-humanoid and even non-sapient Borg operating within the Collective.