Braman was a calculating robot created by Brains to assist in International Rescue missions and as an attempt to build a robot with a finer brain than a human's. Initally Brains struggled to get Braman responding promptly to queries, and began teaching the robot chess to encourage quick thinking, but then worried that the robot's chess plays were 'far too impulsive'. Indeed, Brains was so involved in his experiments with Braman, he barely paid any attention to the live footage of the Sun Probe mission the rest of International Rescue were following, even when the mission began to fail. When Brains accompanied Virgil to Mt. Arken in order to try sending a signal to Thunderbird 3, saving it from colliding with the sun after rescuing the Sun Probe, he found he'd accidentally brought Braman along instead of the mobile computer. Thinking quickly, Brains ordered that Braman work out the answer to the necessary equation to jam Thunderbird 3's safety beam transmitter, thus firing its retro rockets, sending it on a course back to Earth. When the homecoming party for Thunderbird 3 had ended, Brains resumed the chess experiments with Braman, and was astonished when the robot beat him. Jeff, however, put this down to the hard work Brains had been undertaking recently.

Robots similar to Braman appeared in the earlier episode, 30 Minutes After Noon, though these robots had different heads.