Bright Man (DWN-025) is one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 4. Originally created by Dr. Cossack, Bright Man was designed as an expeditionary robot and would use the giant bulb on his head to illuminate dark areas such as caverns or old ruins. After Dr. Wily reprogrammed him, he was modified for battle and fitted with a Buster cannon similar to Mega Man's.

  • Ability: Flash Stopper - An intense flash of light emitted from Bright Man's head bulb. It leaves enemies blinded and prone, giving Bright Man the opportunity to strike with his arm cannon. Mega Man can copy this attack.
  • Weakness: Rain Flush - Acid rain can burn out Bright Man's bulb and fry his circuitry.


  • Bright Man also appears in the Mega Man cartoon as one of Dr. Wily's robots.
  • Bright Man appears in Hitoshi Ariga's Megaman Megamix manga as part of Dr. Cossack's family. In the manga, he is shown to have a timid personality and lacks self-confidence.