DW G1Broadside

Broadside is an Autobot Triple Changer with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He hates both of his vehicle forms; he dislikes his jet form because he's afraid of heights and he detests his nautical mode because it upsets his gyro-balancers and prolonged contact with sea water causes his metallic skin to rust. He frequently complains about these alternate forms and finds that combat helps him to vent these frustrations.


  • Triple Changer - Broadside has two vehicle modes: an aircraft carrier and a fighter jet. His size alters accordingly when he transforms into these modes.
  • Plasma Gun - Broadside's first choice of weapon while in robot mode.
  • Vibro Ax - A large ax that destabilizes the molecular bonds of targets with high-frequency vibrations, allowing it to cut through virtually anything.
  • Shockwave - In jet mode, Broadside can release an electrical field that zaps anything within 1.5 miles with 80,000 volts.