The Bunby series is a line of recon and combat robots created by Dr. Wily. They have appeared in various Mega Man Classic titles, undergoing a different upgrade with each appearance.

  • Bunby Heli - Also known as Bladers, these small robots fly around high in the air until they spot Mega Man, at which point they will constantly hover above him and fly into him until destroyed. They can be destroyed with a single Buster shot.
  • Bunby Tank - This robot operates on land and attacks targets with rockets launched from its arm cannons. If its body is destroyed, its head (which is individually known as the Bunby Top) will take to the air much like the original Blader and pester Mega Man until destroyed. The Bunby Tank first appeared in Mega Man 7,

    Bunby Tank

    but did not use its arm cannons until its next appearance in Mega Man 8.
  • Bunby Catcher - A Bunby Heli robot with a pair of arms for grabbing intruders. In Mega Man 9, when Mega Man passes through its location, the Catcher will rapidly drop down from the top of the screen and grab Mega Man, carrying him across to a specific point (usually into a spike trap that will kill Mega Man instantly). The Catcher drops down just before Mega Man goes right under it, so there is a chance to stop and blast the robot without it catching the player. However, if caught, the player cannot escape unless the Catcher lets go on its own.