The Buzzer is the first of many re-designs of Dr. Eggman's classic Buzz Bomber Badniks. First appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the Buzzer sported a black, yellow and red colour scheme, no fangs and no wings. It flies slower than the Buzz Bomber and maintains a patrol pattern rather than firing one shot at a target then flying away.

Buzzers also appeared in the Sonic Advance games, though they went by the name Stinger in those titles. Their appearances altered between titles somewhat, the Stingers in Advance 1 & 2 flying with helicopter rotors and the Advance 3 Stingers would fly using the traditional raised engines. All variants had fangs in the Advance series and the ones from Advance 2 could not only shoot bullets could also dive in to sting enemies with their tails.

In Sonic Colours, the Buzzer re-appears with a new design. This time it has fangs and wings and looks exactly like the Buzz Bomber save for the color scheme.