Buzzsaw is a Mini-Cassette Transformer and a Decepticon assassin and aerial combatant. His configuration is similar to fellow Decepticon cassette Laserbeak, though he is distinguished by his yellow colour scheme. Buzzsaw regards himself as refined and precise. He considers himself to be an artist, with death as his chosen medium. Meticulous and elegantly cruel, Buzzsaw is always trying to find new ways of making his enemies suffer. Each slain Autobot is another masterpiece in his gallery of anguish and his commitment to his art is unwavering.


  • Hyperacute Senses - Using his optical sensors, Buzzsaw can pinpoint and photographically record a thumbtack at 20 miles, making him invaluable on spy missions.
  • Flight - Buzzsaw, like Laserbeak, has a top speed of 250mph with a total distance of 1500 miles.
  • Mortar Cannons - Buzzsaw's cannons can fire mortar shells at 5 rounds per minute.

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