Caterkiller (Lost World)

Caterkiller in Sonic Lost World

Caterkiller (ナール Nāru?, lit. "Nal") is a caterpillar-like Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman, that makes its first appearance in the 16-bit game Sonic the Hedgehog. Caterkiller is a Badnik that has a hard defense system and the ability to separate its segments, sending them flying all around. It has been also modified multiple times as an example of the Sandworm and Catakiller, Jr., appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles.

Appearance Edit

The Caterkiller's model is based on a real-life caterpillar, both in its shape and the way it moves across the ground, stretching its four segmented body parts up and down to crawl along its programmed territory.

An interesting feature of this Badnik is its ability to separate its four body parts if one of its 3 spiked segments are hit. As long as the head remains intact, this Badnik will continue to survive, albeit scattered throughout the area.

Two photoreceptor eyes are located on the front of the face, right under its two antennae. A powerful jaw can be seen on the front of the Badnik, lined with four sharp teeth, which is used for biting attacks. Standard colors for the Caterkiller model are a purple body shell with a gray underside, with a smattering of yellow for the antennae, jaw joints, and spikes.

Powers and abilities Edit

The Caterkiller's main attack pattern lies in its ability to only have one segment that can be destroyed without any injury to the attacker, making it more of a defensive Badnik than an offensive one. As stated in the Appearance section above, not only will the attacker be hurt if they try to hurt the last three segments, but the segments will detach and bounce around the area, causing even more potential damage. Sonic had to be extremely careful when dispatching these enemies. The Caterkiller will also sometimes turn, but it is possible to hit without taking damage/losing a Shield when Sonic is not invincible.