Centaur Man (DWN-042) is one of the eight Robot Masters introduced in Mega Man 6. Originally a museum worker, he entered the First Annual Robot Tournament in order to restore his museum with the prize money. However, he was captured and reprogrammed along with the other competitors by Dr. Wily.


  • Spread Buster - Centaur Man's arm cannon fires shots that spread on impact.
  • Centaur Flash - The flash emitted from Centaur Man's horns distort space and time, allowing him to temporarily stop time. Mega Man is capable of taking this ability for himself.
  • Centaur Arrow - In Power Fighters, Centaur Man's cannon fires diagonal energy arrows.


  • Knight Crush - Centaur Man's legs can easily be smashed by Knight Man's mace.
  • Gyro Attack - In Power Fighters, Centaur Man is vulnerable to Gyro Man's weapon.