Chill-Bots are humanoid machines that appear in Sonic the Comic's 40th issue story, The Frozen Zone. Created by a villainous scientist called the Chiller, the Chill-Bots were armed with freezing guns that fired jets of ice to freeze all the residents of the Pleasant Zone solid, giving the Chiller the opportunity to build his Chill-Machine, a weather-control device that turned the entire zone into a frozen wasteland.

When Sonic and the Freedom Fighters investigated the frozen Pleasant Zone, they were attacked by the Chill-Bots after stumbling upon the Chiller's lair. The gang were all frozen and Sonic had his feet frozen to the floor. While stuck, Sonic was forced to listen to the rather boring story of the Chiller's "master plan". During this time, Sonic vibrated his feet at sonic speed in order to break the ice, freeing himself. He then destroyed most of the Chill-Bots and reversed the Chiller's machine, thawing the Pleasant Zone.

Recognising that the Chiller had some technical talent, Sonic suggested that the Chiller give up on villainy and put his skills to use in fixing up the Pleasant Zone. With that, the Chiller had his last remaining Chill-Bot reconfigured into a "Mop Bot" to clean up all the excess water from the zone.