Cliffjumper is a dedicated Autobot soldier with a gung-ho attitude and a burning hatred of the Decepticons. He has been known to be reckless and some would even say downright crazy, but he has yet to be demoted even though his impulsiveness has gotten comrades hurt in the past. Cliffjumper has also been called paranoid since he is often wary of traitors within the Autobot ranks, perhaps connected to a personal betrayal back on Cybertron.


  • Alternate Mode - Cliffjumper's Earth mode is a Porsche 924 Turbo.
  • Glass Gas - A substance that disrupts the molecular structure of metal, temporarily making it as brittle as common glass. Cliffjumper's sidearm fires pellets filled with this substance.
  • Sniper Rifle - On occasion, Cliffjumper has wielded an obscenely long telescopic laser cannon capable of striking targets from a great distance. Where he keeps it is anyone's guess...