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Crabmeat in Sonic Generations

Crabmeat (ガニガニ Ganigani) is a crab-type Badnik created by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, which first appeared in the original 16-bit game Sonic the Hedgehog. Crabmeats are slow-paced Badniks that are capable of shooting projectile laser balls or homing missiles from their claws.

Appearance Edit

Crabmeat, as its name implies, was inspired by real life crabs. Its main mode of locomotion was dependent on its four short legs, which allowed it to scuttle around its territory. Two photoreceptors located on top of two stalks on its head allowed it a great range of vision as enemies approached it. The two pincers located on the side of this Badnik were actually only for show. The real weapon was hidden inside the pincer itself, a device that allowed it store up concentrated amounts of energy and fire them as large harmful laser spheres that could blow up large structures. Eventually, the claws were refitted with rocket launchers as the laser attachment took too long to fire before being attacked. Also, the claws were made broader for melee in case they were attacked head-on, using the massive claws like giant grapplers, bludgeons, or scissors.

The standard colors for the Crabmeat are red for the pincers, torso, and head; gray for the vocoder and legs. In Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, Crabmeats have a sleeker appearance with yellow under-bellies. In Sonic Lost World, Crabmeat has a softer look, and they come in two variations: regular red types which shoot energy balls and sleeker orange types which launch homing missiles.

Powers and abilities Edit

When an enemy is spotted by the ever-watching Crabmeat, it begins to build up its store of concentrated energy. As soon as the weapons are fully charged, the Crabmeat will stop in its tracks, extend its claws, and fire two balls of energy from the barrels located inside of the pincers. Sonic found the Crabmeat's fatal flaw quickly; it took a good deal of time for the Crabmeat to fully charge its weaponry, making it a sitting duck for the hedgehog. This is why Eggman eventually decided to replace the laser gun with rocket launchers, with took less time to fire and reload.

In Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, Crabmeats were given the opportunity to try the new rocket attachment. Later on, in Sonic Lost World, there were built two designs of Crabmeats, as the regular red types shoot energy projectiles and the sleeker orange types can shoot homing missiles.