Cut Man (DLN-003) is one of the six original Robot Masters created by Dr. Thomas Light in the original Mega Man game. He was originally designed as a timber-felling robot, able to swiftly cut down trees with the shears on his head. However, he was stolen by Dr. Wily and reprogrammed to help him take over the world. In the games, after being defeated by Mega Man, Cut Man makes several non-canon appearances whilst still being an enemy of Mega Man. In other Mega Man media, Cut Man is usually restored to his original programming by Dr. Light and is a good friend to Mega Man and the rest of the Light family.

  • Weapon: Rolling Cutter - Cut Man can remove the shears from atop his head and throw them like a boomerang. They are made from a strong 'ceramic titanium' material that lets them slice through metal with ease.
  • Weakness: Super Arm - Sudden impacts from large, heavy objects will smash Cut Man's relatively light frame.


  • Cut Man's hands are covered with special grips that allow him to safely wield his Boomerang Cutter.
  • In the Mega Man Megamix and Gigamix mangas by Hitoshi Ariga, Cut Man has shown to be capable of using many of Rush's enhancements the same way Mega Man does. This could be due to the similar body type that Cut Man and Mega Man share.