The Cybus logo could also be seen on the Cybermen's chestplates

Cybus Industries is a powerful, globe-spanning conglomerate featured in Doctor Who. On a parallel version of Earth, Cybus is responsible for developing numerous technological breakthroughs that have advanced human society on a tremendous scale and practically put them in control of the whole world. They own just about all computer systems and military technology and they even own their world's equivalent of the internet. However, they are also responsible for creating the menace known as the Cybermen.

The CybermenEdit

The Cybermen of this parallel Earth are the "everlasting children" of Cybus Industries' founder and CEO, John Lumic. Hoping to fight his sickness, he discovered a means of sustaining his and humanity's greatest asset: the brain. Conducting experiments on Britain's homeless, Lumic developed a chemical cradle that could indefinitely sustain the human brain and built the Cybermen to house the brains and bring them under his control. He initiated a plan to upgrade the entire population of the world, starting with his home country of Great Britain. Using a transmitter to send out a signal across the CybusNet into the population's EarPod devices, Lumic took control of millions of people at once and had them walk into his factories to undergo Cyber-conversion. The victims brains were removed from their bodies and placed within Cyberman bodies, their emotions suppressed and their minds reprogrammed to serve Lumic. Lumic was forced into upgrading himself after one of his assistants attempted to assassinate him. He became a Cyber-Controller, capable of directing the Cybermen's actions through thought alone.

Lumic and his company were destroyed thanks to a global resistance movement organized by a group of radicals called the Preachers. For years, they fought against the Cybermen as they attempted to take over the world, shutting down Cybus factories in every country across the planet. Eventually the Cybermen were sealed within their factories, but were not all destroyed because the general public still saw them as living beings that deserved to exist as much as anyone else. Though Cybus Industries was no more, the Cybermen remained a threat, making plans to escape and expand across not just their own world, but others as well.