Cyclonus is Galvatron's right-hand 'bot in all G1 Transformers continuities. He was created from parts of dead Decepticons (whether by Unicron or some other force) and cares for nothing other than serving his master, and he serves his master well. Devoid of emotion and personality, he allows nothing to interfere with his duties. He is a competent field commander and a master of sabotage.


  • Alternate Mode - Cyclonus transforms into a powerful multi-engine jet fighter, capable of flying through air or space at tremendous speeds. His alt-mode is large enough to be piloted by another standard-sized Transformer, as demonstrated in Transformers: The Movie when he was piloted by Galvatron.
  • Oxidating Laser - Cyclonus' weapon in robot mode can fuse the internal mechanisms of other Cybertronians.
  • Incendiary Torpedoes - Cyclonus' main weapon in fighter mode.