"Dark Man" is the name given to four robots created by Dr. Albert Wily that appear as bosses in Mega Man 5. Each of them appear in a different stage of Proto Castle, which is reached after defeating the eight Robot Masters.

Dark Man 1Edit

The first Dark Man runs on a tank base and is armed with a blaster on each arm. Initially, he moves fairly slowly, but his speed increases the more damage he takes. He will move from side to side of the boss room and occasionally stop to shoot. He also shoots every time he recieves a hit. His weakness is the Water Wave, which negates his shots.

Dark Man 2Edit

Dark Man 2 is humanoid and possesses no projectile weapon unlike his compatriots. He runs from side to side of his boss room, surrounded by two electromagnetic barriers that rotate around his body. The barriers can negate any weapon Mega Man wields except for the Crystal Eye obtained from Crystal Man.

Dark Man 3Edit

The third unit in the Dark Man quartet carries a large cannon where his right arm should be. He likes to jump around and snipe from the air with rapid-fire blasts. He also occasionally fires energy rings from his chest that will leave Mega Man paralyzed. His weakness is the Gyro Attack.

Dark Man 4Edit

The final Dark Man is responsible for impersonating Proto Man in Mega Man 5 and kidnapping Dr. Light. When Mega Man catches up to the imposter, the real Proto Man appears when Mega Man is cornered and fires on the imposter, destroying its disguise.

In battle, Dark Man 4 uses a buster cannon that fires four-shot volleys and uses an electromagnetic shield like Dark Man 2, however his barriers will launch to the sides when he jumps. His weakness is Power Stone, but the weapon is terribly inaccurate and great care must be taken to ensure that it hits.