The U78-X/D "Diablon" is a prototype battle mecha built by G.U.N.. Piloted by the G.U.N. Commander, Diablon
Shadow diablon

Shadow vs. Sonic & Diablon

fought alongside Sonic the Hedgehog against Shadow as a penultimate boss in the Shadow the Hedgehog video game.


Diablon was fitted with an electromagnetic barrier that, when activated, deflected most projectiles, including firearm shots, laser blasts and even physical blows. In terms of weaponry, it had a laser cannon secured on its forehead that could fire long-ranged laser beams in any direction, and also had a chargeable Antimatter Cannon which could destroy easily damaged objects in a large dome-shaped radius around Diablon after charging up enough energy. Apart from that, the only other abilities Diablon was seen to use were hovering and moving around in the air by using its jet boosters, and swiping at enemies with its hands.


Though Diablon's electromagnetic barrier could deflect various assaults, when the barrier was shut down so Diablon itself could strike its foe, it was considered "nothing but mere scrap iron" left wide open to firearm and physical attacks. The head appeared to be its weak-point, as Black Doom ordered Shadow to strike it. It was also vulnerable to Chaos Blast attacks, even with its barrier in place. However, at the beginning of the fight, the head is too high to reach by simply jumping, so players must try and use the Homing Attack when Sonic jumps to propel Shadow high enough to hit the robot's head.