DRD 01

Diagnostic repair drones - more commonly referred to as DRD's - are small maintenance robots that feature in the sci-fi television series, Farscape. These little drones can be found aboard the living Leviathan starships, which build their own DRD's as they grow. These robots continuously move about the halls of their Leviathan ships, conducting repairs and diagnostics on the ship's numerous systems and "organs". A typical DRD is 14 inches in length, 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall. They have two flexible fiberoptic stalks that serve as eyes and they are equipped with a multitude of tools for carrying out their duties, such as a plasma welder, a hypodermic filled with translation microbes so shipmates can communicate with one another, and even a laser blaster to defend against intruders. The appearance of DRD's varies depending on the Leviathan that they work on and are born from. The DRD's on Moya are ovoid and yellow.