Dive Man (DWN-031) is one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 4. He was built by Dr. Cossack for deep sea exploration and his body resembles a submarine; he even has a parascope atop his helmet. When modified by Dr. Wily, Dive Man was armed with torpedo launchers that can fire homing projectiles. These projectiles can be used underwater or out of water, propelled by screws in water and jets in air.


  • Dive Missile - Homing missiles fired from launchers concealed under Dive Man's chestplate. Mega Man can copy this weapon and add it to his own arsenal.
  • Dive Screw - Underwater, Dive Man can launch himself like a torpedo, rotating his body rapidly as he charges head-on into enemies.


  • Dust Crusher - Shrapnel from the Dust Crusher can get caught in Dive Man's propulsion gears and jam them.
  • Skull Barrier - Dive Man can take serious damage if he collides with Skull Man's force field.