Doc Robot's design for the Megamix manga by Hitoshi Ariga

Doc Robot K-176 is a multi-armament battle robot created by Dr. Wily. After Mega Man defeats all of the Robot Masters in Mega Man 3, he must return to certain stages where he must fight this robot... eight times. The Doc Robot is equipped with the weapons and attack strategies of all the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2. He will move and fight exactly as they did, and his weakness also changes depending on which Robot Master he is mimicking.


  • Metal - Magnet Missile/Hard Knuckle
  • Quick - Gemini Laser/Search Snake
  • Air - Magnet Missile/Spark Shock
  • Crash - Hard Knuckle/Top Spin
  • Flash - Needle Cannon/Gemini Laser
  • Bubble - Spark Shock/Shadow Blade
  • Wood - Needle Cannon/Search Snake
  • Heat - Shadow Blade/Top Spin