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Victor von Doom is one of the most intelligent minds on planet Earth in the universe of Marvel Comics. His intellect - and his ego - towers above normal men and he possesses intimate knowledge and expertise in all fields of science. However, Doom is convinced that such brilliance entitles him to power over all others and he has established himself as monarch of the small European nation of Latveria, ruling it with an iron fist. But Doom is not content with just Latveria and seeks to conquer the entire world, using his vast scientific prowess and diplomatic pull to concoct various elaborate schemes to seize power. Doom's arch-rival is Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) of the Fantastic Four, but he has made himself an enemy of just about every hero in the Marvel universe. SHIELD regard Dr. Doom as the most dangerous man on the planet, both due to the magnitude of his plans for world domination and his ability to constantly escape justice via diplomatic immunity and political loopholes, allowing him to maintain control of Latveria and continue plotting against the world.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Scientific prowessEdit

Dr. Doom is one of the most intelligent men alive, possessing great skill and expertise in all scientific fields, including robotics and cybernetics. He is a master weapons crafter and enforces his rule of Latveria with an army of deadly robots, including the Doombots: mechanical doppelgangers of the doctor himself which he uses to infiltrate enemy installations or confound any heroes that attempt to confront him personally. As well as his many robots, Doom also designed and crafted the metallic suit of armour that he always wears.

Doom's armourEdit

While Doom's suit may look like something out of the Medieval period, it is a highly sophisticated piece of hardware that only Doom himself fully understands. It protects Doom's body from attacks, amplifies his physical strength (which is average without it), is equipped with jet boots for flight and contains a wide variety of hidden weapons and gadgets such as force fields and lasers. Most of Doom's armour suits look identical, but may vary in capability.

Black artsEdit

As well as being one of the world's greatest scientists, Doom has also been known to dabble in black magic. These arts are part of Doom's original gypsy heritage and he has practiced extensively in order to usurp the powers of extradimensional beings and even venture into the depths of Hell itself. Doom can conjure a number of spells in combat which he will use in tandem with the weapons built into his armour.