The Doomsday Pod

Doomsday Pods are automated, saucer-shaped flying robots mass-produced by Dr. Robotnik's Doomsday Machine in the final episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM cartoon. They were virtually indestructible and were armed with powerful disintegration beams that would sweep over large areas, destroying everything. The Freedom Fighters had previously fought against a prototype Doomsday Pod that saturated the terrain with corrosive chemicals, but it proven to be near impossible to destroy. In the time they had left before Robotnik completed the Doomsday Machine, the Freedom Fighters rallied all the allies they could and tried to develop new weapons and tactics to destroy the Doomsday Project. Rotor the Walrus even developed a special metal-eating balloon made from metal-destroying Scorch plants found in the Great Jungle, which proved to be most effective in destroying the pods.

When the Doomsday Machine came online, it built fleets of pods within hours that travelled through underground tunnels to different areas all across Mobius. When Sonic and Sally destroyed the machine using the Deep Power Stones, the pods stopped functioning. It is unclear if they self-destructed or just shut down since no such details were shown on screen.