The Dragonfly is an insect-based Badnik created by Dr. Eggman. Appearing in various Sonic the Hedgehog titles, this robot consists of a bulb-shaped body with a long, segmented tail lined with spikes. It flies about with a set of insectoid wings and will block passage by players by flying up and down, its tail providing a barrier. Its body, being the only part not covered in spikes, is vulnerable to attack.

Game appearances Edit

Sonic & Knuckles Edit

First appearing in Sonic & Knuckles, the Dragonfly can be found in the Mushroom Hill Zone. It is commonly stationed near enclosed passages and will flutter up and down, using its tail to maim anyone that tries to get past it. It can be defeated by attacking the head/body.

Sonic Generations (3DS) Edit

The Dragonfly returns in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, appearing in Mushroom Hill yet again. Its behaviour is unchanged from Sonic & Knuckles, although its wings make a distinct buzzing noise that gives away its presence.

Sonic Lost World Edit

Dragonflies return once again, appearing in the Silent Forest stage. They have undergone a slight upgrade this time; their eyes are now cyan-coloured and they can only be defeated by a focused homing attack, meaning Sonic must wait until his target reticle fills with three rings before he strikes.

Sonic Mania Edit

In Sonic Mania, Dragonflies appear in the Press Garden Zone. They behave in the same manner as they have always done in past games, but this time their bodies are coloured pink instead of blue.

Other appearances Edit

Archie Comics Edit


Dragonflies make a single appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog #258. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters board one of Dr. Eggman's supply trains in order to rescue the captive Uncle Chuck and Professor Pickle, but Sonic blunders into a car loaded with inactive Skorp and Dragonfly Badniks. He tries to step out quietly without waking them, but the Badniks inevitably come online and attack.