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Drift is a roguish Autobot warrior that has thus far only appeared in the current Transformers G1 comics published by IDW. He is cool and level-headed, though he carries a great deal of emotional baggage and isn't trusted by many of his fellow Autobots. He was once a Decepticon known by the name Deadlock and was one of Megatron's most skilled warriors. However, he came to question his motivations and the cause he thought he was fighting for, eventually seeing the Decepticons for what they truly were. He defected from their ranks and eventually joined the Autobots, though for a long time he merely wore the badge and came to their aid during certain situations, still not certain if he truly belonged with them. In the later years of the war, he would find himself fighting alongside Optimus Prime and the core Autobot warriors more regularly.


  • Alternate Mode - Drift transforms into a Cybertronian hover-racer similar to Blurr's alt-mode, though not as fast.
  • Combat Skills - Drift's strength and finesse in battle can be compared to that of ancient Japanese samurai. He wields two shortswords kept in hip scabbards and also wields a legendary Cybertronian Great Sword which can easily cleave through even the toughest Transformers. Though he prefers to use swords now, he is also highly skilled with guns, though he now associates guns with his former identity of Deadlock and shuns them in favour of the more elegant blades he now wields.