Dust Man (DWN-030) is one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 4. Originally created by Dr. Cossack for sanitation and waste disposal, he was modified for combat by Dr. Wily. He sports a powerful vacuum on his head that sucks up garbage and can even pull enemies towards him to be impaled on a spike concealed in his arm. He can also launch deadly projectiles made of scrap from his vacuum.


  • Vacuum Sucker - Dust Man pulls his foes toward him with his powerful vacuum. His right arm conceals a spike to impale victims once they are close enough.
  • Dust Crusher - Dust Man compacts all the metallic waste he's sucked up into a brick-shaped projectile and fires it from his vacuum like a cannon. The projectiles will explode shortly after firing, scattering shrapnel to tear enemies apart. Mega Man can copy this attack.


Dust Man is vulnerable to Ring Man's boomerangs.

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