E-1000 Art
The E-1000 is an E-Series guard robot created by Dr. Eggman. It is actually a mass-produced variant of E-102 Gamma, with a more simplistic AI and fewer features. It retains the hover jets and has a rifle on both arms, but does not possess Gamma's targeting system or hydrofoil systems. These robots appear in Sonic Adventure 2, guarding Doctor Eggman's pyramid base.

Appearances Edit

Sonic Adventure 2 Edit

The E-1000 robots are encountered in the Pyramid Cave and Death Chamber stages of the Hero story and the Egg Quarters stage of the Dark story. They usually appear stationary, standing in one spot and occasionally firing both their guns at once when the player is within their range. In some areas, an E-1000 will be using its hover jets to move around slowly in a patrolling pattern, but will pursue the player when they get too close.

In the Hard Mode for these stages, the E-1000 will fire faster and more frequently.

Archie Comics Edit

E-1000's have also appeared in both the Pre- and Post-Super Genesis Wave continuities of the Sonic the Hedgehog comics. First appearing in Sonic Universe #2, an E-1000 was shown in a flashback of the events of Sonic Adventure 2, firing on Sonic who had infiltrated Eggman's pyramid base.

Later, in Sonic the Hedgehog Issues #261 and #262, the Freedom Fighters are investigating the Crystal Cave where Eggman has established a mining operation. The group are searching for a Chaos Emerald when an active E-1000 attacks them. The robot proves to be no match for the heroes who easily destroy it.