In the Sonic Riders racing game, Dr. Eggman has created a series of Extreme Gear-riding robots called the E-10000 series. They closely resemble the E-1001 Egg Pawn robots, but are specifically built for Ex-G racing. There are five variants of this robot.

  • E-10000R - This robot has a red body and acts as a type of command unit, leading E-10000G units against Sonic and the other racers. It apparently possesses the same type of engine as Metal Sonic. It is also capable of splitting its head from its body to intimidate racers.
  • E-10000G - A green-coloured, mass-produced variant of the E-10000R. As well as bashing racers off their Ex-Gear with its fists, it also has a large light in its body that it will use to blind its opponents.
  • E-10000P - A purple variant that hangs over the Egg Factory track.
  • E-10000Y - Several of these yellow robots patrol the Egg Factory to obstruct the racers - even Dr. Eggman.
  • E-10000B - A blue, one-of-a-kind variant that appears as a playable character in Sonic Free Riders. It is a member of Shadow the Hedgehog's race team, replacing E-123 Omega because Omega is too big and unwieldy to ride Extreme Gear.