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An Egg Flapper armed with a cannon

Egg Flappers are common E-Series robots created by Dr. Eggman. They are aerial units which - like many of Eggman's machines - are based on the doctor's own likeness. Their bodies look very similar to Egg Pawns, though these robots do not have arms or legs. They fly via jet packs on their backs and maneuver with their short, stubby wings. They come in several variants which can be identified by their body colour.

  • Red - Standard Flappers with no additional features. Used for surveillance and janitorial service.
  • Green - Armed with pulse cannons.
  • Neon green - Their undersides are fitted with a laser emitter that continuously fires an electrical beam directly undeath the robot.
  • Blue - Armed with a machine gun.
  • Yellow - Equipped with a searchlight. If it spots an intruder, it will summon Badnik reinforcements.
  • Magenta - Drops bombs on enemies.
  • Grey - Armoured variant that can withstand Sonic's attacks. Can be equipped with any of the previously mentioned tools.
  • Dark grey - Will occasionally release spikes from within its body to protect itself.

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