Heroes EggHammer

Egg Hammers - also known as Egg Pawn Giants - are humanoid E-Series robots built in Dr. Eggman's own likeness. They are large, slow, cumbersome and very strong. They walk around carrying huge hammers that they will use to smash their foes into the ground or send them flying with a swinging attack. The swing attack will disorient the robot, giving enemies a chance to topple them and damage them while they're down.


Two other variants of the E-1006 are known to exist. One is considerably smaller and weaker, with no legs and swivels on the spot on a spike. The other variant, known as the E-1007 Heavy Egg Hammer, is roughly the same size as the standard version and possesses additional armour. Its body is all but indestructible, but there is a yellow node on its head which is vulnerable to power-type attacks. This weak spot is protected by a helmet which can be removed by a tornado attack.