E 106 Eta

E-106 Eta is an E-100 model Badnik created by Dr. Eggman in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series from Archie Comics. This robot has only appeared since the comics' massive ret-con following the Worlds Collide event.


E-106 Eta was commander of a Badnik Horde stationed near Spagonia, and was dispatched by Eggman to Spagonia University to capture Sir Charles Hedgehog and Professor Pickle. Successfully kidnapping the professors and their research data surrounding the Gaia Manuscripts, Eta transported them aboard an Egg Train in order to reach Bullet Station in the Rail Canyon Zone. However, the Knothole Freedom Fighters intercepted the train in an effort to rescue the captured professors. Eta was alerted to their presence after coming across NICOLE in her hologram form, and in its efforts to eliminate her destroyed the train's controls. Caring nothing for the train's dangerous acceleration, Eta continued to pursue NICOLE until her hologram form disappeared before travelling to intercept Sonic the Hedgehog in the car containing the two professors.

Sonic had quickly faced against Eta, but Uncle Chuck was pushed against the glass he was sealed in when the train made a sharp turn, subduing him. Sonic, distracted, was then trapped against Eta's jackhammers. Luckily, Amy Rose intervened against the fight and began helping Sonic. The two were successful at destroying Eta's right jackhammer arm and its legs, and managed to escape from Eta's hands when the New Freedom Fighters successfully rescued the two scientists. Eta was then trapped within the hole on the roof of the cart in an attempt to stop Sonic and Amy from escaping, which, when it arrived at the Bullet Station, Eggman was not pleasant about the robot's incompetence.

Appearance and abilities

Eta appears very similar to the other E-100 models before it, but with a bulkier chassis similar to succeeding robot E-123 Omega. It is mostly pale blue with golden-yellow highlights and head and has the "eta" symbol engraved on its shoulders.

Unlike the other E-100 Badniks that have previously been shown, Eta has no lasers or any other projectile weaponry. Its arms each end in a twin-pointed jackhammer for smashing enemies at close range. These weapons can easily punch through solid steel as they caused great damage to the Egg Train when Eta fought the Freedom Fighters.