The Enforcement Droid Series 209 (known as ED-209 for short) is a military-grade robot that originally appeared in the film RoboCop. Clunky with odd movements and infamous for malfunctioning, ED-209 has become one of cinema's most iconic robots since its first appearance in the original RoboCop film.


Created by Omni Consumer Products, the ED-209 was originally designed for urban pacification, quelling street riots and combatting local terrorist threats. At the time, the law of Old Detroit was in dire need of reinforcements, and the 209 looked as though it might be the answer to the city's growing crime rate. However, the initial test of the 209 was a colossal failure; the robot seemed to be incapable of recognising when a suspect was surrendering and during an arrest demonstration it killed an OCP board member.

Despite its disastrous first test and the success of the RoboCop Project, the 209 was not immediately scrapped and other units were later constructed. Attempts had been made by OCP to fix the flaws in its IFF system, but other malfunctions would regularly occur. When OCP pushed their Delta City Plan forward, ED's were stationed as sentries for key construction zones. By that point, their programming had been mostly corrected, though they were not immune to hacking.


The ED-209 is bulky but sturdy, for the most part. Its outer casing is capable of withstanding small arms fire, but heavy weapons can destroy it easily. It is armed with twin-barrelled heavy assault cannons that fire piercing slugs in quick succession. Both gun arms are also equipped with rockets for destroying armoured vehicles.


There are many errors in the design of ED-209. Its movements are clumsy and it has difficulty locking on to targets that are not on equal elevation to itself (It can't really aim up at all). Its intelligence is sorely lacking as well as it has been known to continue threatening suspects and firing on them even after they have surrendered. Its gyroscopic stabilizers are sub-standard and its body is ill-suited for fighting on uneven terrain. If it falls over, it cannot get up under its own power. Oddly, it makes a whining sound when turned over that sounds uncannily like a crying child.