Super Sonic vs. the Egg Bomber

The Egg Bomber is one of Dr. Eggman's humanoid mecha and is the second phase of Sonic & Knuckles' Doomsday Zone boss fight. The robot is encased within the Egg Missile craft and emerges from it after Super Sonic tricks its rockets into hitting it. The Bomber flies ahead carrying the Master Emerald stolen from Angel Island. Super Sonic must collect rings as he pursues the Egg Bomber through an asteroid field. As he gets closer, the Bomber will launch two types of attack. If Super Sonic approaches the Bombers upper body, the robot will launch several egg-shaped bombs from the cannons on its shoulders. If Sonic approaches from below, the Bomber will deploy spiked mines. Unlike the Egg Missile, Super Sonic can hit the Egg Bomber himself. The Bomber explodes after eight hits, ending the battle and the game.