Egg Dealer

The Egg Dealer is a large, pumpkin-shaped Egg Mobile armature built and piloted by Dr. Eggman, that appears as a boss in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a ground-based mecha that runs on four wheeled legs. On the machine's body (which is decorated with Eggman's face) are three tumblers with large buttons beneath them, akin to a casino slot machine.When the three reels stop on a matching image, the image displayed determines the type of attack that the machine will perform. When Shadow the Hedgehog fights Dr. Eggman for the last time, the Egg Dealer constantly rushes around the span of the boss room, the reels spinning constantly. When the reels stop of their own volition, one of the following attacks are performed.

  • Bomb Fever - When all three reels stop on the bomb symbol, the Egg Dealer continues driving in circles around the room and drops a row of bombs behind it. If Shadow stops the reels on the bomb symbol, the Dealer will trip up and drop its payload beneath it. The blast radius of the bombs is quite wide.
  • Missile Fever - When the reels stop on the missile symbol, launchers will appear on either side of the Egg Dealer's body and launch several missiles at Shadow. If Shadow activates the reels, the Dealer will trip up and launch its missiles, which will shoot up and then come crashing down on it.
  • Pawn Fever - Only Eggman can use this attack. Several Egg Pawns wielding lances or bazookas will drop into the room and attack Shadow.
  • Ring Fever - Only Shadow can trigger this fever. When the reels all stop on rings, gold rings will pour into the room for Shadow to collect.
  • Shadow Fever - If Shadow's face appears on all of the Dealer's reels, Shadow's Dark gauge instantly maxes out, allowing him to use his Chaos Blast attack.