The Egg Dragoon is a huge semi-humanoid Egg Mobile mecha that appears in both Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations.

In Unleashed, Dr. Eggman attacks Sonic in this mecha after he reaches the Gaia temple located underneath Eggmanland. Sonic must fight the Dragoon in his Werehog form whilst standing on a freefalling platform. The Egg Dragoon attacks using freeze bombs, a huge drill on its left arm and a giant gatling gun on its right arm, keeping itself aloft with the propulsion wings on its back. Sonic manages to defeat Eggman by battering at his canopy and then pulling the Egg Mobile out of the Dragoon's docking port. After throwing Eggman clear of the Egg Dragoon, the mecha plummets down into the planet's molten core.

In Sonic Generations, Modern Sonic chases the Egg Dragoon through a neverending corridor, much like with the daytime bosses from Unleashed. While in flight, the Egg Dragoon will fire a spread of lasers from its cannon arm that will sweep the corridor floor, and Sonic must jump to avoid them. It will also fire freeze blasts from its feet and can launch its drill like a homing rocket. At certain points when a chase has gone on for a while, Eggman will change strategies and the battle will switch to side-view. At this point, Eggman will bring the Dragoon's plated arms down, trapping Sonic between them and then fire freeze blasts down on him. Sonic must scale the arm walls by jumping between them without getting frozen, then Homing Attack Eggman's cockpit after reaching full height.