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Team Sonic vs. The Egg Emperor

The Egg Emperor is a mighty humanoid battle mecha built by Dr. Eggman that serves as the penultimate boss of both Sonic Heroes and the 3DS version of Sonic Generations. It resembles a knight in shining golden armour, but its face resembles Eggman's. It stands at 20 feet tall, is heavily armoured and is equipped with jets for flight. It carries a large shield on its left arm to deflect incoming attacks and can counterattack with its primary weapon: a long lance that it holds in its right hand. Using the lance, the Egg Emperor will attack by swiping, charging, or firing waves of energy at enemies. The robot's wings are capable of launching volleys of missiles which will rain down on foes. The Egg Emperor's only weak point is the glowing, multi-coloured orb embedded in its chest. It will normally use its shield to protect this area, but a focused electrical strike to the center of the shield can disable the robot's left arm and leave it prone for a short while, leaving the chest open to attack.