The Egg Genesis is a massive autonomous weapons platform built by Dr. Eggman and one of the bosses of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It floats slowly through the air and uses the searchlights beneath its body to detect enemies on the ground. The searchlights can also fire lasers to scorch the ground beneath them and the glowing core in the centre of the fortress's underside can lock on to enemies and blast them with a volley of energy pulses. The Egg Genesis' body is surrounded by four large arms; these arms are equipped with missile launchers that fire a spread of ten projectiles to bombard ground-level targets. There is a hatch at the end of each arm that deploys Egg Gunners and Egg Flyers for support. When Sonic fights the Egg Genesis, deploying troops is the boss's undoing as Sonic can use his homing attack to hop along the smaller robots and land on the Genesis' arm and run up to the machine's head. When Sonic is on top of the machine, its head emerges and tries to shoot Sonic down with twin vulkan cannons. The Genesis is vulnerable when its head emerges and Sonic can damage it with repeated bounce attacks on top of the head. After causing a set amount of damage, Sonic will be catapulted back to the ground and the Egg Genesis will lose one of its arms. When all of its arms are gone, the Egg Genesis will attempt to crash on top of Sonic, but it is easy enough to run out of the way.

When Silver the Hedgehog fights the Egg Genesis, he must use his telekinesis to throw crates and other objects at the Genesis' core to damage it. He can also knock off the machine's laser searchlights and use his power to grab the Genesis' own missiles out of the air and throw them back at it.